Seattle rated one of the most affordable cities for singles

by Patrick Regan

View of crowded modern cityscape with 1201 Third Avenue, U.S. Bank Centre, ship moving in foreground, Seattle, Washington, United States.

Seattle was rated one of the most affordable cities for singles in a recent analysis by RentHop.

The company calculated median rent for a studio apartment and the percentage of the average single person’s annual income to arrive at its affordability rankings. 

Seattle’s median studio rent was $1,479 per month, about 16.7% of the average single person’s income. 

That put Seattle fourth nationally for affordability, behind Albuquerque, N.M., Wichita, Kansas, and Minneapolis. 

Seattle “surprisingly comes in strong on affordability for singles,” the study said. “While studios are relatively pricey at $1,479 per month, high salaries of $106,369 outweigh any rent burden. A single income earner in Seattle only needs to pay an average of 16.69% of income in order to live alone.”

The least affordable cities were New York City — where the median studio rent is more than $3,000 — Miami and New Orleans.

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