Truth About Agents

Truth About Agents 2022

In the rapidly changing Seattle real estate industry, success hinges on mastering the local market. But as brokers focus their attention on providing the greatest insight for their clients, staying tuned in to what’s happening in the industry itself can be an even greater challenge. That’s why we publish Truth About Agents every year.

Truth About Agents 2022: Demographics

Take a deeper look at the demographic stats of Seattle agents.

Truth About Agents 2022: Career

One-fourth of Seattle agents are considering changing brokerages within the next year. Are you among them?

Truth About Agents 2022: Client profile

Find out how your clients’ needs compare to what’s reported by other Seattle agents.

Truth About Agents 2022: Teams

Do you work on a team? Are you considering it? Find out how Seattle agents on teams rate the experience.

Truth About Agents 2022: Marketing

Seattle agents can face a number of marketing challenges — especially generating enough high-quality leads.

Truth About Agents 2022: Managing brokers

Most managing brokers in Seattle are actively recruiting. What kind of agents are they targeting?

Truth About Agents 2022: Agents on training

There are several ways that Seattle agents can set themselves apart through additional training. Find out what your peers are choosing.

Truth About Agents 2022: Income

How do your own earnings compare to other Seattle agents’?

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