Renee McGahan, Realtor

Dwell Seeker

A Seattle local by way of New York City and California, Renee McGahan is unapologetically herself. And, based on her successful sales numbers, people are definitely drawn to her personality. “I have the gift of gab and, let me tell you, it is the most crucial part of my success,” she says. 

McGahan has her own real estate firm called Dwell Seeker, where her clients frequently end up as her friends. And it’s clear why: “My clients are not just one-and-done dollar signs to me; this is a relationship and I always want what is best,” she explains. After a few minutes with her, it’s easy to see why her East Coast hustle coupled with her sunny West Coast attitude have catapulted McGahan to the top of Seattle real estate in the last decade. She’s a firecracker. 

In another life, McGahan founded a mobile notary business with a team of more than 17,000 across the country. But when it came time to start a new chapter for her family, McGahan sold her company in 2006 and dove headfirst into her true calling— real estate.

If wasn’t apparent already, McGahan is about as open as you can get, making a point to welcome working with any market, area, customer and product. And she’ll get the job done. A straight shooter to her core, McGahan strives to be kind but honest. “We will get the nitty-gritty sorted out but always with a few laughs,” she says with a smirk.

Volunteering with the Special Olympics for over 45 years, McGahan now serves on their board of directors in the state of Washington; it is clearly a lifelong passion. When she’s not globetrotting or snuggling up with her zany, tightknit family, McGahan and her husband retreat to their beloved vacation home in Lake Tahoe. But don’t worry, she’s always ready for the next call, thrilled to meet the next client and find someone their dream home. 

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