Julie Johnson, Regional Vice President

CrossCountry Mortgage

One of the pillars of Julie Johnson’s success is intention. Seamless deals don’t happen by accident — they happen thanks to her careful planning and process-driven business style. As a result, her clients are able to focus on the fun parts of the process while she and her team handle the rest. “Buying a home is joyful,” she says. “Our goal is to spread happiness and joy. Even though it can be a stressful process, it’s a happy thing.”

Johnson has been listed as one of Scotsman Guide’s Top 100 mortgage brokers for the past three years running and is recognized as their Top Woman Originator. She works alongside a team of skilled brokers and support staff, several of whom she has watched grow from assistants to loan officers. She takes pride in being able to help her team members grow to their maximum potential.

“I am really passionate about women in finance, and I want to share my story so that other women know that they can achieve anything they set their mind to,” Johnson shares. “Most of my team is made up of strong and wonderful women, and I want to continue bringing more women into the financial field.”

Johnson actively works with philanthropic organizations throughout Seattle, including The Rave Foundation’s First Kicks Program and Babies of Homelessness. You can catch Johnson on her podcast, Hire Love, where she and her co-hosts discuss what it’s like to be a woman in finance.

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