The cost of living in Capitol Hill, one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the country

by Emily Marek

via Wikimedia Commons via Dllu

From entertainment and dining to community camaraderie, Capitol Hill is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the country … so how much does it cost to live there?

Architectural Digest calculated how much it costs to spend a week in 14 of America’s trendiest neighborhoods, then compared that cost with area rents to determine the salary needed to live — and play — comfortably in each city.

The typical monthly rent in Capitol Hill costs $1,929, meaning renters need a salary of at least $77,160 to rent comfortably. But this is one of the West Coast’s coolest neighborhoods, according to Seattle’s tourism center. People don’t just want to live here — they want to have a full social life too.

It costs about $20 a pop for entertainment options (like live music or comedy shows), $15 for art experiences (like museums or exhibits), $48 for dinner for one (including an appetizer, entree and alcoholic beverage), and $4.79 for a cup of coffee. Across a week, a Capitol Hill resident is likely to spend upwards of $266 to maintain a full social calendar. That equates to about 14% of a person’s monthly income.

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