Washington lost two ‘million-dollar cities’ in the past six months

by Emily Marek

There are 58 less million-dollar cities in the U.S. than there were in July of last year, according to a new report from Zillow.

The real estate website classifies “million-dollar cities” as any city where the typical home costs over $1 million — but now that the housing market has calmed from its peak last summer and prices have started to cool, these neighborhoods are fewer and farther between.

Most million-dollar cities lie on either the East or West Coast. Of 464 cities where the typical home costs over $1 million, 387 are in a coastal state.

California still has the most million-dollar cities — but the Golden State also lost the most million-dollar cities in the past six months, with only 190 cities making the cut in January 2023 compared to 210 in July 2022.

On the Pacific Coast in Washington, the number of million-dollar cities decreased by two in the past six months. There were 16 million-dollar cities in Washington in January, down from 18 in July.

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