Washington ranked the second-best state for retirement

by Patrick Regan

Washington is the second-best state for retirement, according to the Better Benefits Global Retirement Index.

The index measured several factors, including average retirement length and income, percentage of those 65 and older in the workforce and percentage of retiree households with retirement income. 

Washington scored well “across most factors,” the study said, and it finished second to Delaware in the overall rankings. Washington’s average retirement length is 16 years (sixth among all states), the average retirement income is $31,605 (14th), and 64.4% (seventh) of retiree households have retirement income.

The top 10 states for retirement, according to the index, in order: Delaware, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Virginia, Minnesota, Alaska and Utah.  

The index also measured the best countries for retirement and included other factors, such as happiness rating, support networks, pensions and life expectancy. 

The best countries for retirement, in order: Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands and France. 

Japan has the longest life expectancy at 84.37 years.

The United States was No. 24 in the international rankings. 

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